beyond sports 


20 Mins

4 to 6 People

HADO is the first-ever sport based on wearable devices and Augmented Reality technology.
Unlike Virtual Reality, you are not connected by cables and restricted to being in front of a screen or immersed in a virtual world.
HADO players run freely within real-world arena battles, wearing wireless head mounted displays and wrist motion sensors, using only gestures to unleash super powered projectiles on opponents.

Each game lasts for 3 rounds

how to play

$21pp for 3 rounds ● $36pp for 6 rounds ● $45pp for 9 rounds


1v1 available if space is left over.

Three Features of HADO


HADO is a physical game that requires great footwork, lightning-fast speed and fantastic agility. Players not only compete against their opponents but also an 80-second clock ticking away to the final buzzer.


HADO balances physical skill and strategy regardless of whether a player is a natural athlete or born tactician. Everyone must work both their body and mind to earn the title of champion.


HADO is a game of offense and defense. Players determine their skill set even before setting foot on the court. The depth of strategy can take teams infinitely deeper into the sport with broader knowledge about the game.

With HADO Connect, players have play data automatically saved in this app after after each game. You can look back on the stats and analyze them.  You can obtain various data and apply them to your gameplay. A player profile contains various data such as travel distance and HIT rate. You can build new teams with other players.

How to Play


After Players have equipped their headsets and armbands, players will choose their ability. Abilities are put into four categories: Bullet Speed, Bullet Scale, Charge Speed, and Sheild Strength. Each player is given ten points to assign to their chosen categories, with a maximum of five point to each category, giving them their chosen advantages.

Bullet Speed

Assign points to this skill to increase the energy ball’s speed. Faster energy balls are harder to avoid

Bullet size

Assign points to this skill to increase the ball size. Larger energy balls make it easier to hit multiple life cells.

Charge speed

Assign points to this skill to increase the charge speed. Faster charging lets players fire more energy balls

shield strength

Assign points to this skill to increase the number of available shields. A shield stock helps defend against more energy balls


Once the game begins, the game-play is easy. Raise your hand up to charge the gauge and and throw your hand to fire a bullet. To charge your shield, hold your arm down and swing your arm up in shielded position to activate your shield.
Each player is given four lives for each round. A player will lose one life for every hit they receive.



Games can be played from 2v2 to 3v3, this is where strategy comes in handy. A common and powerful way of playing with multiple team members it to assign roles, these roles can include: Assassin, Technician, and Defender. These roles are assigned with the point system on initial setup.

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