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Looking for a new and exciting group activity? We’ve spent years creating each of our escape rooms to provide a team-building, challenging and stimulating adventure. As you solve our puzzles and missions, you’ll learn a few things about yourself and the people you’re locked-in with.

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Virtual Reality

The ground-breaking KAT Walk Premium, the worlds leading VR ODT (Omni-Directional Treadmill), breaks the barrier between the real and virtual worlds.

1 to 6 People

60 Mins


Laser Maze

Challenge yourself in our state of the art Laser Room with 2 activities made to test even the most agile players!

1 to 8 People

approx. 20 Mins




"By far the best Escape rooms in Perth! Fantastically priced and have other activities like laser room maze and VR reality too!
Would 100% recommend to anyone who wants a great day/night of fun with friends or family!"


"Hands down one of the best escape rooms!
Basement, It was an eerie creepy room - that was full of fun and interesting puzzles PLUS they have extra puzzles to discover more which is awesome!
I can't remember the other room name, but it was like an Indiana Jones adventure - the room was huge, with multiple different rooms, and the puzzles were quirky and fun!
Haven't done all the rooms yet, but no doubt will be hitting up Confined again soon!"


"It was a great experience! Went with a group of mates and we all had such a great time. The Virtual Reality had us a good laugh watching each other was good. The laser maze was definitely a competition for us and the escape room tested us. We definitely are interested in going back again. It's definitely worth having a look at the experience."

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